Monday, June 15, 2015

Be What You Wanta Be

Throw away your birth certificate. Ignore those silly DNA tests. Only your surgeon knows for sure. And maybe he, she, or it even doesn't. And above all, keep prying eyes away from the changing booth.

You have become a blank canvas. And you are the artist. There was a time when we respected what God gave us. Today, God doesn't even have a vote. The Army said "be the best that you can be". Today, society says, "be whatever you want to be".

I am trying not to make this a conservative versus liberal thing. But as I am sorting things out in my mind, I'm sorry, I have to score it, liberals ten, conservatives a weak one. Actually, not even that. I'm just trying to be fair and balanced.

We have a high ranking college professor who declares herself American Indian with little or no substantiation. In spite of considerable personal wealth, she named herself the champion of the poor and aggrieved. Almost immediately, she became a star in her own little portion of heaven.

Schools now have decided that boys are not necessarily boys. They are possibly girls in disguise. And girls can be what ever they want to be at any given time. Plumbers can tell the difference, but, apparently, school teachers cannot. Pick your own lavatory preference.

As much as I am making fun of modern liberal stupidity, there are times when the results are tragic. As in the case of one child whose misbegotten parents are feeding him medication so that the natural generation of sex hormones within the body will not take effect. That is beyond cruel. You know that poor child will be screwed up for life. Sorry, I know no more descriptive term.

But today, I saw the best yet. A young woman (at my age, they're all young) is the chairperson of the Spokane, Washington branch of the NAACP. This young black woman has startled her parents. They are as white as the driven snow and felt that she was too. But no! She is black. She has declared herself so. And, amazingly enough, the NAACP branch agrees with her.

So sit yourself down in a comfy chair. Perhaps a glass or two of very good wine might help. Examine closely your self image. Down deep at your core, who are you, what are you, really. Think deep thoughts. Examine alternate realities. Then come forth like a butterfly from a chrysalis and redeclare yourself to the world. You are now who you think you are. 

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  1. Saw this on one FB comment:
    Jeff Grant: I was born a caucasian male, however every since I was 7, I've known that I was a tomato. Please except me for who I am. BTW, I would like all restaurants to stop serving catchup, because I find it offensive.