Thursday, June 25, 2015

We May Have Lost

There is no more liberal wing of the Democrat party. It is now the Liberal party. They might as well change the name. They rule. Really, they rule. As in king, tsar, emperor, or any other despotic tag that you can assign. 

The President has become a dictator. He has successfully wielded his pen and telephone to grab all of the reins of government to his own nurturing bosom. Except that he only nurtures liberal causes and his own legacy.

As of today, the Supreme court has joined the lower courts as the Judicial Branch of Liberal Government. The rule of law has been replaced with a comfort zone. If it seems right, it is right. Why make hard decisions and stir up trouble?

For years now, the IRS and the Department of Justice have voluntarily become the Liberal Government's enforcement arm.  The Main Stream Media is the Liberal Government's information bureau. If I have to trot out my reasoning on this, you have been watching too much MSNBC and reading the New York Times.

Like any good despotic government, the Liberal Government has spies operating under cover. Many of those spies have been pretending to be Republicans. They have, in fact, taken over the Republican party, neutered it, and now pay homage to the Presidents plans. The ring has, most certainly, been kissed.

So here we stand. Frozen out of our own government. No longer even the "loyal opposition". Can we take our country back? Possibly. I believe that we have only one chance. If we continue with a hard left liberal in the Oval Office after 2016, we could have generations of liberal rule. They will build the dependency rolls. They will allow more grateful non-citizen voters across our borders. And they will attack our Bill of Rights.

I fear for the future of my country.

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  1. You are right. It is time for us all to invoke a States Amendment Constitutional Article V Convention and try to repair things. It is our last hope.