Thursday, June 11, 2015

In Search Of Reality

As I have often stated, I read a lot of news. Some times I read whole articles. Sometimes I scan headlines. Almost always the TV is on in the background with a news channel at the edge of my awareness. On occasion it becomes too much input. Especially when the screamers are on TV trying to sell their position through sheer volume.

When I was very much younger and Timex was a brand new product line, reality was what ever John Cameron Swayze said it was. There were only two channels on TV and his was the most credible voice. Later that same public trust was given to Walter Cronkite. 

Today there is no single voice that is the voice of honesty and reality. Everyone in the news business has a viewpoint and an agenda. That is the prism through which they view current events. Even this could be tolerated if they calmly presented the news as they see it. But that is insufficient unto their purposes. 

So news has become - tell the public what they must believe and present your evidence. If you must exaggerate your evidence or, even, make it up, that is all for a good cause. But even more, rip any other position. Do everything possible to destroy those with opposing views, both publicly and privately. 

For some years now, government has aided in this effort. We, the citizens, have been sliced and diced into smaller and smaller groups until we find ourselves fighting for the survival of our liberties. Look at the groups that have had targets painted on them by our government. White males. Police. Christians. Tea Party folks. Pro-Lifers. Conservatives. Heterosexuals. Gun owners. Military. Those that believe in America's greatness. Business people. There are, most certainly, more. But I have made my point. 

Reality is out there and I know where it can be found. It can be found under a government that adheres strictly to the Constitution of the United States. A government that understands that "We the People" means exactly that. We are all Americans first and under that banner we must be unified. We are being manipulated. People, open your eyes. As they used to say on the X-Files, "the truth is out there". We just need to recognize the lies and the liars for what they are.

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  1. Reality is an ideal, which we try to model using language and science. The Post-Modernists have essentially given up on modeling Reality and even on objectivity itself, as grasping this idea of a Reality is just too much for the tender minded academians.

    People over think everything to the point that it gets in the way of noting who the real liars are, and that is the biggest issue I have with it all.

    Now days if they are career politicians, I just figure that they are always lying.