Wednesday, June 3, 2015


"Today, we are the most respected nation in the world." Thus spake our delusional President. And he rejoices in the fact that he is responsible and that will be his legacy. That is the core of a long and troubling term in office.

Barack Obama is a man in search of a place in the history books equal to his self image. He is the man that would cure the worlds ills. Bring peace in our time. End wars forever. End racial strife. He told us all this while he was running for office. Obviously, many believed him.

Did he try? Well, sort of. Mr. Obama sees himself as a man of great ideas. But he does not do grunt work. Underlings are there to make his great ideas happen. This allows him time to recreate, raise money, and speak profoundly every day. 

It would appear that there are few, if any, underlings up to the greatness of the Obama idea factory. Obamacare was to be the shining star in the Obama firmament. Instead of a beautifully organized and well functioning plan, we got a dog's lunch of mismatched pieces, many non-functioning, that, to this day, are a shambles. They are rapidly becoming an unaffordable shambles. 

His idea to end all wars didn't work out too well either. Telling the enemy that you are quitting and telling them the date on which you will quit doesn't work. To Mr. Obama's great surprise, they didn't quit when he did. They waited him out and then redoubled their efforts. Welcome to the mess in the Mideast.

For the past five years Mr. Obama has been bragging that he has turned the economy around. Well he has certainly done that for the one percent, but the vast majority of our population is still hurting. Many have given up searching for work as more aliens flood in to our country willing to work for lower wages.

Mr. Obama's words have helped to turn the police into a perceived enemy and turned many against others based on age, race, politics, or sexual preference. I have never see the country so divided.

We have, as a nation, spurned our friends. So they ignore us. We have shown weakness. So our enemies laugh at us. Our President has shown disdain for our citizens and our Constitution as he takes credit for non-achievements. Our President is so eager for a great legacy, he is destroying his chance for a good legacy.

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  1. “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.” - Ronald Reagan