Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rules Of Engagement

We are losing the battle against radical Islam. We are losing badly on two fronts. We are losing to the mullahs in Iran and we are losing to ISIS, just about everyplace else. Why? We are America. We have the best weapons. We have great technology. We have a highly trained military. We spend a fortune educating our command level military officers at the greatest educational institutions around the world. 

What we also have is a President who is desperate for a legacy and who is convinced that he has all of the necessary knowledge to micro-manage everything. To his shame, he doesn't know what he doesn't know and he doesn't understand what he doesn't understand. He wants to be center screen with the best lines at all times.

Until last week, he wanted a nuclear agreement with Iran at any cost. It did not matter what he gave away, he just needed a signed piece of paper. The fact that it would endanger Israel and start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East was irrelevant. It is all about the legacy.

The Robert's Supreme Court gave Mr Obama wiggle room. When they kissed his ring and unconstitutionally wrote law, they gave our President a legacy. Now the Iran negotiations become less important. Now he is actually talking about walking away from a bad deal. I believe he will still take whatever is offered.

Mr. Obama does not like to be told that he is wrong. By anyone. So now we have an officer corps that will say, "yessir Mr. Obama  sir. What ever you say." So rather the telling them to go destroy ISIS, or as he calls them, ISIL, he writes the "Rules of Engagement" himself. Not only does he write them, he gives them to the news outlets to publish so that he will look like a great humanitarian.

So we aren't going to put "boots on the ground". Very reassuring to our enemy. So we won't attack schools or hospitals. Great, now ISIS knows where to store their weapons. We won't bomb when there are civilians in the area. So ISIS mixes in with the town folks and become untouchable. The Kurds, who are willing and able to fight, need weapons. We will give them to the "legitimate" government in Baghdad and they will send them along to the Kurds. But they never do.

The Middle East gets worse by the day as ISIS gets stronger. Young Muslims from around the world are flooding to their ranks. Both Israel and Saudi face an existential threat. Our war fighters are hampered by a civilians idea of rules of engagement. All for a legacy.

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