Thursday, June 18, 2015

Business Is Business

Donald Trump just announced that he is a presidential candidate. This was expected. I did not see his announcement but have heard him expound on the subject many times. Mr. Trump is a great business man. Some that did watch, think he said what needed to be said. Many think he had a case of the screaming meemies and went over the top. But I think he loves America and the opportunities that living here provides. He is a great negotiator and understands the world as most politicians never will.

But then Donald Trump is not a politician. He never will be. It is not in his DNA. Politicians would never be comfortable around him. He is smarter and more accomplished than most of them. He understands things in a way that they never will.

That is both his strength and his weakness. It is his strength because he is a hard headed businessman. He would not succumb to phony idealism. No one would be able to pull the wool over his eyes. He lives for the negotiation.

It is his weakness because he is not a member of the club. He has never held office nor been mixed up in the down and dirty of politics. He has never had to compromise his standards just to get a bloc of votes. I hope he would never. Those lesser lights of the political scene would hold him in disdain because he is not one of them.

In Washington, if you would make things work, you have to get the fools to come into line along with the smart ones. Sorrowfully, many of the fools in that town have much power. It is not a perfect world and Washington is a highly imperfect city.

So as much as I like many of his ideas, I can't see him as President. But it is a shame to waste that powerhouse of talent. Can you imagine if he were negotiating with Iran rather than John Kerry. Or negotiating with Putin. How about trade deals with China. Wouldn't he be an asset as the Presidents personal negotiator. Team him up with a strong conservative President. They could do much to heal our damage. I can hear the cries and moans emanating from Foggy Bottom already. 

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