Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Would They?

Why, on  God's good green Earth, would Congress give Barack Obama fast track trade negotiation rights? Barack Obama not only doesn't negotiate, he has no idea how to negotiate.

When Mr. Obama took office as President, he made a major decision. He chose the royal presidency where all must come to him as he ruled from the Oval Office. Not just Republicans, but Democrats also must come to him, hat in hand and tugging on their forelocks. 

The Obama style of negotiation was that his inferiors should do as he instructs them. And he saw all as his inferiors. To aid in this, he had his loyal obstructionists, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. He owned two of the three branches of government. He was king.

His power slipped a huge notch when he lost Congress, but his haughty attitude prevailed. He instructed. He ordered. He bullied. The one thing he didn't do is get results. It did not help that the results of previous efforts proved shoddy, ineffective, or downright bad.

Effective leaders know how to rein in their egos, treat their opposition with cordiality, and compromise. Successful negotiators know that in negotiations, a smile, an acknowledgement, and giving a little, can get you a lot in return. Our President never got the memo.

His personal negotiations with Bibi Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin failed miserably. Where we had a friend in one and the respect of the other, we now have mutual antagonism.

But the greatest example of Obama's lack of skill is the nuclear negotiations with Iran. While it is certain that the results will be left in John Kerry's lap, it is equally certain that the President is pulling the strings. The American position has been, appease, appease, appease. The administration wants a deal so badly they will accept any terms. That is not negotiation. It is surrender.

Giving President Obama fast track trade capability is like handing a sixteen year old boy the keys to a Ferrari on the day  he gets his license. Not good for you. Not good for the boy. And not good for the Ferrari.

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  1. Real compromise is you get something, I get something and he gets something and we all look at what is most important to each other and work out the details.

    Obama's idea of compromise is you giving him only half of what he demands.