Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Three

The country needs more Charleston and less Baltimore. Grace humbles people. Violence enrages them.

Today's liberals think that those that are white or Christian should just sit in the corner and shut up. You have no right to opine on any subject. You have no right to succeed. You are the evil oppressor. If we are the evil privileged oppressor, why do we have to sit in the corner.

Some of the statements that I hear from college professors lately makes me wonder where they grew up. Acute Political  Correctness Syndrome may be fatal to your sanity.

I must state once more, I started shooting firearms when I was ten years old. That was sixty-six year ago. I have shot firearms all of my life. I have spent time with like minded people without ever seeing a firearm drawn in anger. Actually without even hearing a voice raised in anger. People who enjoy shooting sports, including military, law enforcement, and civilians, are among the most pleasant people I have ever spent time with. They are the ones protected by the second amendment.

Sooner or later this foolish Iran nuclear deal will blow up in somebody's face. I fear we have gone so far down the wrong road and weakened ourselves so much in the process, the only real option is to walk away. We know that Barack Obama has so much skin in this game now, he won't allow that to happen. 

With the way things have been handled in Baltimore between the mayor, the prosecutor, and the police commissioner, I wouldn't blame the cops on the street if every one of them quit. How can you work for bosses like these. 

Once again it is the Republican hierarchy that is standing with the President and empowering him on this vile and un-American trade deal. The whole crew of them need to be stripped of power and sent home.

Hillary or Bernie? Really? This is the best of the Democrat party. Two elderly curmudgeons, one of whom is for sale at any price. OK any price over a million.

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