Thursday, June 4, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-Two

If I never see another picture or article involving anyone named Jenner or Kardashian, it will be way too soon. How dumb do you have to be to find them entertaining. 

Here we are at the beginning of June and I just watched the Red Sox play baseball like they were really trying to win not just get the game done. Where did this aggressiveness come from and where has it been? And more important, will it last?

So now Barack is the first Jewish President as well as the first black President. This is really going to disappoint his Muslim friends. That is unless he is taking advantage of Taqiyya. Only his Imam knows for sure. Mazel tov.

The reason that only one third of the air missions that United States pilots fly against ISIS actually attack is that the Commander in Chief is micro-managing the effort. He should assign his professionals the task writ large. Let them manage the details. That is what they are trained for. As a general rule, neighborhood organizers don't have a clue about military efforts.

I still cannot believe that Hillary will be the Democrat candidate. There are still other possibilities out there. Michelle may still be one. Wouldn't she just love to boot stomp all over Hillary's chances?

The State Department declared, at a press conference, that we have killed 10,000 ISIS soldiers. After the press stopped snickering, they asked where the figures came from.No one seemed to know. I'm astonished. 

I see where an IRS employee ripped off $326,000 using stolen IDs. What a wonderful organization we have to hold all that power over us. Oh, and with Obamacare they have access to even more personal information. Hey, it's the government. They'll fix it. Right? Just like they fixed the VA and Amtrak and the Post Office.........

As a conservative I don't usually endorse Democrat Presidential candidates. But I think a ticket of Lincoln Chafee and Bernie Sanders has interesting possibilities. As the texters put it LMAO!

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  1. I have a good idea where the 10k ISIS body count came from. The Sec o State asked for a number and it got kicked all the way to some random unpaid intern.

    This intern then called DoD and asked for an ISIS body count and the request got kicked down all the way to another unpaid intern at DoD, who pulled out a cell number she found in her draw for asking random questions.

    Upon calling she was told by a deep gravitas kind of voice, surely a general of some kind, that probably ten thousand have been killed so far, at minimum. So the unpaid DoD intern called the unpaid State Dep intern back and repeated the number to her.

    Meanwhile the person who came up with the number was laughing hysterically because he was just a janitor who wondered how it would feel to be a powerful muckity-muck at the DoD and answered the phone that wasn't assigned to him anyway.

    Stranger things have happened.