Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Preserve The First Amendment

Actually, preserve the whole Bill of Rights. For years now, the first, second, and fourth amendments have been under heavy attack. But lately, the first amendment is receiving particular attention.

Those in power seem to feel that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are expendable. And, as usual lately, they try to limit our rights by extralegal means. They know that a Presidential order or a new regulation does not trump the Constitution. But they still try to sneak it by.

It started with the IRS trying to shut down any conservative voices by eliminating or stalling their organizations rights to tax exempt status. A ploy that they deny to this day in spite of obvious evidence to the contrary.

Then they tried to resurrect the old "Fairness Doctrine". This would limit conservative talk shows and blogs unless they balanced equally with liberal thought. Of course the New York Times and the Washington Post would be allowed to carry on with their right wing news.

Then we have our President encouraging a ban on offensive speech through the UN. It seems this offensive speech doctrine only controls speech against Islam. It is still proper and acceptable to insult and defame Judaism or Christianity.

The latest effort goes after a favorite target of liberals, those that legally own and shoot firearms. They are now trying, through executive order, to ban online communications involving firearms, ammunition, gunsmithing, or anything else involving guns.

Gun hobbyists are not criminals. They discuss firearms because they enjoy sharing information with like minded people. If they were archers, shooting arrows instead of bullets, no one would give it a second thought. If they were fencers discussing swords, no one would care. 

But the fact is that all of this is protected by the Constitution. The power hungry liberals just don't care. What I care about is why are they so eager to disarm honest people. Those that wish harm will still get their weapons. I leave you with one final fact. They disarmed Great Britain. The rate of violent crime went up. A lot. A liberal world is not nirvana.

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