Friday, June 12, 2015

Aiding And Abetting

I hesitate to label behavior as traitorous. But that might apply in this case. I refer to the "top secret" trade bill that President Obama is treating with such urgency. It is hidden away in a secret room that only the chosen may enter. Even then they must swear a blood oath never to divulge the dark secrets shown to them. Real Harry Potter-ish.

Then Congress is expected to pass this bill with only the select few having full details. Once past, the details may be available to us of the lower castes. Cranky's rule number one - If you need to do it in secret, you probably shouldn't be doing it. This is a trade bill. It effects the country, the economy, jobs, and even our place in the world, for generations to come. We will all feel the results of this plan, good or bad. 

Any bill that over reaching should be debated openly and in public. Mr. Obama has shown a tendency to be more concerned about his image and legacy than the well being of the country. I cannot help but suspect that is also true in reference to this bill. But he is like the scorpion begging a ride from the frog. He is what he is. We've learned to expect no better.

The traitorous behavior to which I refer is that of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan. They have become the President's loyal serfs in this effort rather than our loyal opposition. We see where the phrase, "you must pass it to find out what is in it", got us before. Can we expect better results now?

I've not been a fan of these three men for some time now. I've thought them to be weak kneed and fuzzy minded. I did not expect them to go over to the enemy. Today and in the future, they deserve no support in any endeavor from any good American. 

While this may not rival the deeds of Benedict Arnold, it does rank someplace above the "Black Sox" scandal. 

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  1. They don't work for the Republican Party rank and file any more, if they ever did. They work for Wall Street bankers and international corporations.

    They betrayed the American public and that makes them traitors.