Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Elderly White Woman Plays The Race Card

Hillary Clinton is no spring chicken, nor is she a person of color, unless that color is green. She still plays the race card at every opportunity with marvelous insincerity. Hillary lives in a world of self proclaimed entitlement. And now that proclamation tells her that she is entitled to be President. In her own mind, she has paid her dues and it is right and natural for her to be the first woman President of the United States.

Part of that dues payment was being the long suffering wife of Bubba the Philanderer. Truly, she had a life apart from his. It was a symbiotic relationship. She took a portion of his power and she supplied him with a public image of a stable marriage. 

Hillary used that power well. Even though her attempt to take over medical care ultimately failed, the creation of the plan gave headlines and a political reputation of her own. Her overreach and it's sheer weight finally caused her plan to collapse. 

Hillary was off the bench and into the major leagues. Most people look kindly on the Clinton years and Hillary bathed in that aura. Her name was in the headlines. The fact is that those headlines usually referenced something about standing by her man.

When the Clinton term in office ended, Hillary picked up her carpet bag and headed for Long Island. Daniel Patrick Moynihan's Senate seat was available and Hillary knew that she was a shoo-in. So Hillary found employment in one of the greatest jobs in the world. In my humble opinion, anyone that gets to be a Senator and leaves that job voluntarily, is out of their mind. 

But after eight years, leave she did. Her years in the Senate were of little note. She kept a high visibility factor with little noteworthy effect. She had planned then to be the next President. Along came Barack Obama and her hopes were dashed on the rocks of despair as they used to say in the old soap operas.

Her nemesis then asked her to join his administration as Secretary of State. Probably wanting to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. So in her years in that office she racked up many miles flying all around the world with heavy emphasis on Africa. About as far away from Washington as the President could send her. She did however seem able to ingratiate herself with governments that either donated to the Clinton Foundation or asked her globe hopping husband to speak for a large fee.

Through all of this, it appears that her primary qualification to run for President is her gender. It seems that she has used her public position to her family's benefit. She has ignored the law and the honest requirements of her office. She has erased documentation she was required to save. She has been the center of scandal and worst of all she seems to perpetually angry. I do not believe the country can afford her back in the White House.

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