Monday, June 22, 2015

It's A Jumble

For most of my life things were pretty much cut and dried. The government took care of administrative things, protected the public, and preserved the Constitution. Unfortunately, this was often done with wide variations in quality and honesty. In this aspect, little has changed. But taxes were collected, wars were fought, and the streets were frequently plowed in Winter.

There was religion aplenty. Protestant, in it's many guises, Roman Catholic, Orthodox Catholic, Judaism, Islam, Hindi, something for everyone. Those people of faith could mount the pulpit and preach their doctrine. The faithful could live their daily lives according to that doctrine without fear.

A persons home was their castle. It was sacred and was to be protected as that castle protected the family in it. Even the police were excluded unless they could prove to a judge an overwhelming need to breach that domestic fortress. Similarly, your property and possessions were protected unless legal action said otherwise in a court of law.

We were protected in all these thing by the most perfect legal instrument ever written by the hand of man. The United States Constitution. The body of the Constitution does these thing by inference. Many of the framers were unsatisfied with that and wrote the, more specific, Bill of Rights. Today this is all under attack.

Somehow we have raised up a group that think of themselves as secular progressives. I think of them as atheistic liberals. These people love big government as it is needed to control the unruly masses. Those people in "fly over country who cling to their Bibles and guns".

They despise religion as a salve for weak and frightened minds. They, like the blood sucking vampires that they are, cringe at the sight of a cross or any other religious symbol. Although, they do seem to have an astonishing tolerance for Islamic symbolism. Maybe they feel a kinship. They would stifle some religious activity and criminalize other. When the government controls religious speech or any other speech we have become a totalitarian state.

They have put your money and property in danger by over extending the laws of eminent domain and requiring banks to report cash deposits so that the government can steal your bank account without a crime being committed. Just because there may possibly have been criminal activity.

You know the people that lead this group by their first names. Barack, Hillary, Bernie, Elizabeth, Mitch, John (there are two), Nancy, Harry. It's a long list. But it is a list of people that wish to change America in ways I, for one, never want to see completed. Elections are coming and we must take the power away from these people. Our freedoms are too precious to waste.

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