Friday, June 5, 2015

In Search Of A Legacy

Every President wants to leave a legacy that will be noted by historians. The telescope of the future is more important than the magnifying glass of the present. Having your name in history books gives more gravitas then having your name in newspapers.

Unfortunately, some take their eye off the prize. That was Bill Clinton's failing. He couldn't tell the difference between the big prize and instant gratification. That failing turned around and bit him, so to speak.

Richard Nixon was building a great legacy. Then that little megalomania thing kicked in and he got kicked out. Yes, I know that he resigned, but it was forced as more and more evidence was piling up against him. Today, the best thing people say about him is that he always wore a suit and tie in the oval office.

Ronald Reagan got it just about right. Two successful terms. Great economy. Brought down communism. You don't get a much better legacy than that. 

Barack Obama wants a great legacy. He is not even going to get a good legacy. He is focused to much on his legacy rather than being a good President. He talks too much. He doesn't listen enough. He surrounds himself with sycophants because he hates to have anyone disagree with him. Worst of all he thinks he knows more than anyone on any subject.

Look at the results. The economy is down. Middle class salaries are down. There are fewer people employed than in the last four decades. Obamacare seems to be blowing up. The Middle East is in turmoil. Iran is on an unstoppable path to nuclear weapons. There are riots in the cities. Police are being targeted by thugs. Jihadists are infiltrating the country. He has written laws by shredding the Constitution.

How can anyone expect to pull a decent legacy from that jumble of mismanagement. While he likes to compare himself to George Washington or Abraham Lincoln he actually suffers even in comparison to Jimmy Carter.

The shame is that, being the first black President, most people, including those that did not vote for him, wanted him to succeed. His lack of trust in those good people who would have 
helped him and his distrust of the nature of the American people along with his overbearing ego have given him a legacy lost.

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  1. The sooner Obama is out of office, the better for America.