Friday, August 1, 2014

We're Losing The Wind

In my early years, the United States, and by association, the free world, seemed to always have the wind at it's back. Their economies grew. Business was successful. Education was available to everyone so peoples status and self awareness improved. American people bowed before no man and feared no problem as being unsolvable. A great nation continued to get greater. We became, quite literally, Reagan's, "shining city on a hill".

People from all over the world, of all colors and ethnicities, wanted to come to America and enjoy the opportunities that were afforded. We not only allowed them, we encouraged them. There were terms, of course. You were required to have a sponsor. You had to have the ability to support yourself. You had to apply and wait your turn. Millions did and millions came. And millions had a far better life.

We were a growing country with a growing economy. People coming here with skills, knowledge, and ambition made us stronger. Most of them became citizens and their progeny became engineers, and lawyers, and police but most of all they were native born Americans. It was as much their country as it was anyone's whose family arrived on the Mayflower.

For the last decade I have felt that, as they say in boating circles, we are losing the wind. There was, certainly, a gust post 9/11. But since then we have been tacking off course trying to keep the wind in our sails. We seem to keep going farther off course and the wind is dropping.

Why? Oh, so many reasons. Political correctness, I suppose, is a good place to start. We have become a civilization of euphemisms. Our leaders will not say we are at war with Muslim terrorists who wish to kill every Jew and Christian on earth. If you cannot identify your enemy, you can't defeat your enemy. Today, our President is quoted as saying, "Muslims built the very fabric of our nation". Really? Not in any history I ever read.

Another reason is moral relativism. Everyone's ideas are not necessarily equal. We should reward the good and punish the evil. But to politicians today being a "sex worker" is equal to being a nurse. A moral code, as taught by a religion, is no better than than a life of moral ambiguity. Maybe even worse because religious moral codes have standards and recognize immoral behavior. No. There is good and there is evil. If you can't tell the difference, you are the one with the problem. 

The overwhelming fecklessness of the political class is just astounding. How about that as a reason for failure? And by the way, how did we end up with a political class spending their lives feeding out of the public trough, then telling us that we are the problem, using government agencies against us? Send them home to stay. Shut down Obama's domestic army. They are using Gestapo like tactics against American citizens. Close our borders. Reevaluate the effectiveness of all government agencies. Reevaluate how we deal with other countries. Stop wasting our wealth passing it out to those that hate us. They will continue to hate us. Get back our strength and command the respect of our enemies and re-earn the love and loyalty of our allies.

Correct these things. Plus, I'm sure, many others. Only then will we start to feel that wind shift back in our favor. It is never too late to start.

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