Friday, August 8, 2014

Scared And Scarred

If you are an American and you are scared, you have every right to be. I have been a proud citizen of this country since before WWII. In all that time I have never experienced anything like what our country is going through today. As bad as the Carter administration was, this is worse. I hardly know where to start, so I'll start with the newest first.

Most people are not familiar with the term inversion as it applies to business. The business taxes on American companies are onerous. The highest in the world. That hurts US companies. If an American company buys a foreign based company, they can make that companies headquarters their world headquarters. Now they only have to pay US taxes on US profits. That's inversion.

President Obama has been threatening US companies that he, not Congress, just he, would make inversion illegal. An unconstitutional action. Now, Walgreen Pharmacies bought a foreign based company. They had planned to do an inversion. Their CEO was so intimidated by Obama's threat, that he backed down. He cost his company and his shareholders millions. He abdicated his fiduciary responsibility. His board should meet tomorrow and fire him. When the government can control private business decisions, that is scary.

And then there's the "children" coming over the Mexican border. That is a triple scary threat. First, some of those "children" are seventeen or eighteen years old. Most of the older ones are already gang members. Some have even murdered in their home countries. Beyond that they are already recruiting the younger boys and molesting the young girls. Second, many of those kids a ill. They're afflicted with lice or scabies. They can be infected with TB and other diseases. They are being shipped around the country without medical care. Standby for various outbreaks coming to your area. Third, I just heard that there are refugees from West Africa mixed in. That is unconfirmed. But West Africa is the home of Ebola. I just pray that this is untrue.

Then we have DHS sending SWAT teams out to citizen's homes to enforce EPA regulations or decisions by the Bureau of Land Management. The latest one was a home invasion to repossess an old Land Rover that didn't meet EPA standards. Not the USA that I grew up in. 

I'll wrap this up with a reminder that the IRS is not just the country's tax collector. They are now also the Thought Police. They are monitoring religious thought in the churches and conservative thought from those with a political bent to make sure it does not exceed their standards of behavior. That is truly scary just on the level of hypocrisy.

These have just touched the surface. I haven't even started on what is happening to the military, the incredible actions in the State Department, or our place in the world today. But I repeat, we all have a right to be very scared and our great country has become very scarred.

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