Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lost In Time

So there sits Israel. A country smaller than the state of New Jersey, with a population smaller than New Jersey's. On it's front door sits the Mediterranean Sea. On it's back door sits most of the Muslim world. A world of people sworn to destroy them.

Prior to 1948 the area that is now Israel was called Transjordan. It was a part of the British Empire. Through the United Nations, Britain offered both the Jews and the Palestinians a piece of Transjordan for a homeland. The Jews were offered what is Israel today and they accepted. The Palestinians, at the behest of Egypt, refused the offer. 

Egyptian leadership told the Palestinians that they would drive the Jews out of Israel and into the sea. Then the Palestinians could have Israel's land for their own. The Palestinians bought into the plan. Thus started the first Arab Israeli War. The Israelis won that war and not only did the Israelis keep the territory alloted to them, they took a large piece of what could have been Palestinian territory.

So it was not the Jews that cheated the Palestinians. It was the promises of other Arabs that went unaccomplished that left them without the homeland they could have had.

Look at a map. Look at a map of the Middle East. Look at the amount of territory from Kuwait to the Red Sea, from Turkey to Yemen. There are many square miles there. And so many of those Square miles are uninhabited. But do you hear any offers from those Arab countries to the Palestinians their fellow religionists? Do they say, "come to us? We will give you room to live your life among fellow Muslims." No, you don't hear that.

What you do hear is, "we will supply you with rockets. We will let you waste your young men in a futile war". They are a foolish and wasteful people. If, after the last Jew dies, there is one Muslim standing, they will feel they have won. Won what? Nothing. What could those people whose lives have been wasted have accomplished. Those children that were used as human shields and never had a chance. 

You shake your fist, make grandiose gestures, make loud speeches full of threats that fall on deaf ears. You are lost in time. You are living in a comic opera 1300 years old, and do not understand that you are playing the fools in that opera. I pray that some day you will find a leader that understands that you are making a modern farce of your past greatness and bring you into this century. 

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