Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things Forgotten

In the constant spate of scandals and crises that have abounded during the Obama years, it has been too easy for things to fall through the cracks and be forgotten. Frankly, I think that the White House hive of minions are overjoyed by this, because the public is easily distracted and has a short memory. I am going to list these little reminders in order of importance to me. Not necessarily everybody's choice.

Because people are important, my first selection is Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He has been languishing in a Mexican jail since March 31. When Mexicans, even their armed military, come into this country, they are either allowed to stay or turned around and sent back across the border. It is an insult to America that the Mexican government has done differently to this hero. Why does our President not take action? Also, there are two American Christian missionaries who are being held in countries that hate us. One in N.Korea and one in Iran. Let us not forget them.

We must never forget Benghazi. Four brave Americans died because powerful people sacrificed them in the holy name of political expediency. Side note to Hillary: It still does matter. We need those in Washington who care, to keep scratching and digging, looking for the whole truth. Once again, it is about people.

Reaching back way, "Fast and Furious", is still on my mind. People got killed, including an American Border Patrol agent due to misfeasance at the highest levels. What genius could think that sending more weapons to the Mexican cartels was a good idea?

Let's go on to some things where people weren't killed or imprisoned. They just had their lives disrupted. Have they ever fixed the front end of Obamacare or are they still pouring our money down that rat hole? Then there is "Cash for Clunkers" and the Solyndra scam. There is the little publicized fact that while the five percent at the top, have gotten richer, middle class salaries are down twenty-three percent. And along with that, they are out and out lying about inflation. It is probably between five and seven percent, maybe even more, but it is impossible to get good numbers. Grocery prices alone are up about twelve percent.

How about the IRS scandal? If AG Holder got the FBI investigating that, as quick as he got them out investigating that mess in Ferguson, Missouri, we would have some answers by now. As of yesterday, the score is, Ferguson - 40 FBI agents; IRS - none. But the IRS scandal isn't racial and AG Holder loves racial.

It seems that they only put lipstick on another pig with regard to the Veterans Administration debacle. Months and months and still the vets suffer. The degenerates that left these heroes to suffer are still employed.

We must salute the genius plan that loosed five dangerous terrorists to get back one pathetic army deserter. A deserter that may also be a turncoat. Bowe Bergdahl was returned at too high a price. Americans will pay that price sometime down the line.

Then we have the NSA spying on Americans and the leadership lying about it. To me, it is more about the lying than the listening.

I undoubtedly missed things, but I think that I have made a point. I just want to finish up with one thing that I consider a major scandal. That is the way Barack Obama has danced around and obstructed the Keystone XL pipeline. By preventing our country from being energy independent he does nothing but enrich Arab oil sheikhs. But then, that may be his ultimate aim. 

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