Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unified Theory

This is my own unified theory. It has nothing to do with math or physics. If it did, it wouldn't be me writing about it.

 In this modern world it is politically incorrect to be against many groups. If you are anti-gay, you will be castigated. If you so much as look cross-eyed at someone of color, you are racist. If you object to what is happening in the schools, you are anti-union. If you don't care for beheadings, you are an Islamophobe. I think you get the idea.

It seems, however, that there are two groups, that, today, it is acceptable to hate. Christians and Jews. Despite the somewhat weird religious musings of our President, this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. The founders were God fearing men. They were well versed in both the politics and the religion of their day. They opened meetings with a prayer and were not shy about bringing God into their political writings. It is those Judeo-Christian principles that gave us the freedom that we have enjoyed for centuries. The freedoms that some politicians are so desperately trying to limit.  

What we need in this country is not another political bloc. What we need is a religious bloc. We need God fearing Christians and Jews, regardless of color or ethnicity to join together and become religious soldiers united against a state that would limit the free practice of their religion. 

I see where the IRS, of all agencies, intends to monitor what is said from the pulpit in Christian churches. It will then be the judge if those congregations meet their definition of religious speech. If they should color outside the lines, they will lose their tax exempt status. I'll just bet they don't intend to do that in Mosques. Oh, no. That territory is off limits. Obama's friends from CAIR would be all over him.

There is strength in numbers. And, in this country, we, Christians and Jews together, have the numbers to flex our muscles. We need to be unified with a common purpose. That purpose is our enduring freedom to worship as we choose. Not as the IRS allows us. I would hope that, if we are able to come together and unite, non-religious folks of conscience would come aboard and realize that in joining with us, they are protecting their own freedoms.

Our country, as it stands today, is as close to a dictatorship as it has been since George III was given the boot. I hope we don't get to the point where we need to find a new Gaspee to burn and sink. Very few people in Washington, of either party, have the political will to return this country to the people. We must as citizens wrest the power away from them. They have come to love their power and privilege far too much. It is time to bring to an end the "career politician". It's time for term limits. It is time for us to take control.

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