Thursday, August 14, 2014

In The Long Run

One problem that the United States has is the inability to formulate a long term plan. Since we change administrations every four or eight years, we are lucky to get a four year plan at best. Frankly, I think the last President to come into office with any kind of multiple year plan, was Ronald Reagan. Our present President seems to have no plan beyond what the next news cycle pushes him into.

The Muslims, however, have a plan that has spanned the centuries. It was presented to them in their Quran. The book that they see as the literal word of their God, passed down through their prophet, Mohammed. Anyone who hasn't read the Quran, should at least browse through it. It says some interesting things that belie the idea that Islam is a religion of peace. 

The plan passed down through Mohammad is simply, that Islam shall rule the world. Kafirs,  that is you and I, must convert to Islam, subjugate ourselves through taxation, or be killed. To the true believer, a kafir can never be a friend. But it is acceptable to let the kafir think there is friendship, as long as the aim is to advance Islam.

Many people think that the hatred of the Muslims for the west, started with the First Crusade. This is untrue. In the year 711, almost four hundred year before the First Crusade, Islamic armies invaded France advancing as far as the city of Tours. At the same time, Moorish armies invaded Spain. In the language of the school yard, "they started it".

The First Crusade did not start until 1096. Christian pilgrims attempting to visit the Holy Land were set upon, robbed, and killed even though they came in peace to visit their holy sites. So a ragtag bunch of knights and peasants marched on the Holy Land to take back those areas that Christians revered.

None of that ameliorates the Muslim thought that the world is theirs. Because Mohammad said so. And it is up to today's Muslims to take it back. They know who their enemy is. It is anybody but them. But first and foremost it is the Jews and the Christians. The only thing that differs in the Muslim world is the depth of their belief and their willingness to shed blood.

The barbarian group ISIL is at the bottom of the scale of civilization. They believe greatly in their faith and no act is too cruel or bloody for them to perform in the name of Allah. They wish to establish the Caliphate and they are making progress. Their military is far more disciplined and trained than others that I have seen on the television news reports. This progress attracts the attention of other young jihadists and jihadist wannabes. Many will go over to the ISIL movement and they will swell it's ranks. This is a potent and dangerous organization.

Our government looks at the Mid East as a bunch of individual actions. They have turned it into a whack-a-mole war. That is a long and expensive path to failure. We need skilled and educated military people to take a realistic look at what is ahead and guide this country in a long term plan. The Commander in Chief is a civilian, an amateur. He needs guidance from professionals. A leader that will not seek and accept this guidance is very dangerous to our future. This is serious business. These terrorists are living in our country today and our government is looking the other way. It is time that they start acting to "preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution" and our country.

African Kafir Lilly

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