Monday, August 4, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-Two

Be an illegal alien coming over our southern border. Top quality health care is immediate, unlimited, and unquestioned.
Be a prisoner at Guantanamo. Top quality health care is immediate, unlimited, and unquestioned.
Be a prisoner in either a federal or state prison. Top quality health care is immediate, unlimited, and unquestioned.
Be an American veteran. You're screwed

One day, Barack Obama will take responsibility for something rather than find someone else to blame. Just kidding. Not going to happen.

Just in case you may have forgotten, the marine that has been left to languish in a Mexican prison by his Commander in Chief, is named Andrew Tahmooresi. Please remember who he is. It seems his government has forgotten him.

The difference between the Israelis and Hamas is that when a school containing Hamas rockets is hit in Gaza, the Israelis morn and Hamas celebrates. Hamas are not religious jihadists. They are Satanic worshipers of the goat god.

Government SWAT teams to take someones private property. Government agencies shutting down legal businesses. The IRS as your final health care arbiter. Does anyone but me worry that we are becoming a dictatorship.

Why hasn't the AG brought charges against Lois Lerner? Oh, wait, I forgot for a second, she's a Democrat. Question answered.

Goodbye Red Sox. We hardly knew ye. And I say again, as I have so many times, the Red Sox prayer. "Wait till next year!!!!!

The Mideast is aflame. Muslims are killing Muslims. Muslims are killing Jews. Muslims are killing Christians. But Barack Obama still tells us that Islam is a religion of peace. If you believe this, grab a Quran and do some reading. It may alter your opinion.

A President who truly loved his country would not be saying in a speech, " we, uh, uh, uh, tortured some folks, uh," just to make himself look good. 

The only way for the United States to go forward is to go back. We have gone too far down the wrong road. We must repair the damage before we can find  the right direction. 

Congress just passed a new bill to cover veteran's health care. It changes nothing. Unions and political appointees still have more protection than our veterans. 

The definition of "Too Much Information". Crazy Uncle Joe Biden likes to skinny dip with Secret Service agents looking on. Uck!

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