Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Kurd Is The Way

I am not discussing the making of cheese nor "Little Miss Muffet's" diet. I am talking about America's Mideast policy, such as it may be. Those that read my blog know that the Cranky Doctrine on Mideast policy is to let the Muslim hordes fight it out among themselves. Every Muslim sect hates every other Muslim sect. They just hate us, the Kafirs, even more. The more they kill each other, the less they are a threat to us. So I say just stay out on their way and don't be an available target.

Just remember, there is always an exception to any major foreign policy. My exception is the Kurds. First of all, they should never been part of Iraq. These brave, tough, and independent people should have had their own country. Kurdistan! They are the only group not given a homeland back in 1948 when Britain and the UN chopped up the Middle East. They have been a strong ally in that part of the world even as they lived under the thumb of Saddam Hussein. They deserve our unequivocal respect and support. They have always supported us and we owe them our support.

Today, they are backed into a corner by the barbarian hordes of ISIL. Finally as I am writing this essay, Barack Obama has broken out of his shell and is para-dropping much needed supplies to the civilian population. He has also ordered bombing attacks on the ISIL forces. Unfortunately, some say, all of his efforts are so minuscule as to be ineffective. 

The problem seems to be that he is making this about him and his compulsion to stay out of Iraq. This is not about him. It is about protecting good people that need our help and full support. The Kurds need more modern weapons. Some of our obsolete A10 Warthogs would be a great addition to their arsenal. It would certainly help them fight off those tanks and armored troop carriers that ISIL has acquired.

This would also be a good time to infiltrate some CIA specialists to advise and train. Maybe they could even bring along some of those nice fifty caliber Barrett sniper rifles. I suspect that in those mountains, some good long distance snipers could be a game changer.

We do not have to have boots on the ground as direct fighting forces. There are many things that can be done that is more than nothing and less than re-entering this war. Sorties, weapons, and supplies seems like a good place to start. The prayers of the American people who would like to see peace in the Middle East one day, also can't hurt.  

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