Monday, August 25, 2014

Random Thoughts - Forty-Three

I am not an Islamophobe. That would mean that I have a fear of Islam. I do not. But with the beheading of James Foley at the direction of, and to please, Allah, I am beginning to despise their religion based political system/political based religion. They are a people sadly in need of a reformation. Maybe two. One might not be enough.

Either Barack Obama loves the United States of America or he loves Islam. He needs to make up his mind. On my scoreboard, he has said more kind things about Islam than the US of A. and fewer unkind things about Islamist barbarians than he has about white cops.

Congratulations to the great kids from Cumberland, RI who made it to the little league world series. They are one of the best Little League teams in the world and have championship heart. And great praise to coach Beslisle. His conversation with the team was perfect and would raise anyone's spirits. Great job to all. We are proud of you. They are going to be honored at Fenway Park on September 5.

Then there's my Red Sox.

If you haven't seen the video of that drunken DA from Texas, who convinced a Grand Jury to indict Rick Perry for his lawful actions, look it up and watch it. My favorite part is when they had to strap her into a wheel chair and tie a spit shield over her mouth. Are all Austin women that classy?

I'm writing this on Wednesday. But I don't have room for it until Monday. It's a target rich environment for bloggers out there.

I do wish that Eric Holder and Governor Nixon of Missouri, would take a breath and let the investigation finish before they start tying the noose. People taking to the streets, rioting and looting, isn't evidence. 

Be careful how you kill time. Ultimately, time will get it's revenge.

Is there anyone more ignorant and arrogant then Bob Beckel. He acts as if no Democrat is ever wrong or self-serving and anyone who disagrees is just plain stupid. The least that he could do is to look into the camera when he speaks. There has got to be someone that could represent the liberal position more civilly.

I have been watching the video clips of Eric Holder in Ferguson. Of all the people that I saw him greet and shake hands with, not one was white and not one was police. This does not bode well.

I address that brave heroic ISIS warrior that takes such great pleasure in beheading Christians or kafirs of any stripe, why are you so cowardly that you hide behind a black mask. Show your face if you are that proud of your blasphemous behavior or crawl back into the stinking gutter that you came from.

I understand the ISIS hero that I just mentioned is left handed. Another word for left handed is sinister. Fitting, don't you think?

OK, I'm going to say it. Obama doesn't care any more. He is just going through the motions. This is a dangerous time and the American people need and deserve better. He can't resign because that would leave us with Joe Biden. Nobody wants that. So Barack, man up. Forget your liberal agenda and protect the country. For once put politics aside and do what's right. And by the way, stop leaking secret operations for political gain. You endanger American heroes in harms way. 

Let me see if I have this right. ISIS plans to attack America on it's own soil. But our President and his liberal sycophants want to deprive honest Americans of firearms that are an inalienable right protected under the Constitution. Where does he get off with that?

If the USA won't stand up to the international bullies, who will? France? Norway?

Richard Nixon would never be seen on television or in the Oval Office without being dressed in a suit and tie, out of respect for the American people and the office he held. Our current President would do well to emulate this.

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