Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The 1300 Year War

Western civilization has been under attack since the year 711. That is the year in which Muslim armies, under the leadership of Tariq ibn Ziyad, took control of the Iberian peninsula. The Moors, they came from Morocco, were eventually driven back but they still controlled some territory in the south into the fourteenth century.

Muslims also invaded France, then Gaul, and moved inland as far as the city of Tours. They were soon driven back by the armies of Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer).

That was the true start of the Muslim offensive in the West. Today's jihadists would have the world believe that they are seeking revenge for the Crusades.  The first Crusade, which was a rag-tag affair, and not very well organized, didn't start until the year 1096. Long after the original hostilities started. 

The assault on the West has gone on, in a somewhat spotty fashion, all these years. The Barberry pirates, who operated out of North African ports were Muslim. The United States Marines were founded primarily to defeat those barbarian corsairs. As as always, the Marines got the job done. 

Today, piracy is still a growth business in the Muslim world. From the Somalian coast down to the, heavily traveled, Straits of Malacca, where the Indian and the Pacific Oceans meet ships are endangered by piracy.

These pirates are not part of any countries military but as Muslims, their Quran justifies the taking of the kafir.  that is anyone not Muslim, Which they do with great enthusiasm. They demand huge ransoms. And they will kill if they don't get what they want.

Although it is not much spoken of, the Arab world supported the axis powers in WWII. The Nazis were killing Jews. The Arab world saw that as a good thing and got with the Axis program.

Now the jihadists fly airplanes into buildings and strap explosive vests on women and children. Sending  them into restaurants and bazaars to blow up innocent civilians. The culmination of their sub human behavior, to me, was when that seven year old ISIS commanders son posed for the camera, proudly holding up a severed human head.

So, this war is not new. And the West didn't start it. We are just in a new chapter of evil human behavior. Our feckless politicians can deny it all they want. But the war is being brought here. They are rich. They are growing. They are adapting. And they are vicious. 

They will never destroy us, but they can do serious harm. Today's administration drives Americans apart when we need to be more unified than ever. We all have a common enemy and our leaders are whistling in the dark. There is great evil out there and "something evil this way comes".

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