Thursday, July 31, 2014

We Need Less Spin

I am not talking about the political spin that the "talking heads" spread so thickly on Sunday. I do not watch those shows. I prefer chasing down the news myself. I do not need some over-ripe consultant or over-the-hill politician to tell me what I should think. I can do my own thinking, thank you very much.

The spin we need less of is that of our country spinning out of control. We are living with a rate of domestic political scandals that I have not seen in my lifetime. We are almost equaling this in international crises. And I am willing to play the blame game, for those in American politics, that I think bear the greatest responsibility.

As our President sets the tone for the governance of our country, Barack Obama tops my list for blame. I give a strong second place to Harry Reid as he has held the Senate in irons for almost six years. Third place is a tie between John Boehner, for passivity and abetting, and Eric Holder for ignoring a ton of things that an honest AG would not have ignored. He does this to cover the President's back and protect the Democrat party, of course.

Fourth place gets very crowded. The foolish Republican party that can't get together on an intelligent course forward and unify behind it. The avaricious Democrat party who seem willing to sell their grandmothers to keep and gain power. 

I must give dishonorable mention to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, who's ability to say the most bizarre thing with a straight face defies the imagination. I have to believe that they actually believe what comes out of their mouths. 

Then there are so many bit players like Sheila Jackson Lee and Elijah Cummings that supply comic relief for the tragedy that our country is becoming. 

I have to give a shout down to about eighty percent of the press. They willfully ignored anything wrong in the President's agenda because they themselves have the same agenda themselves. Did the gift of mature thought pass them by. Did they never realize that they are reporters not opinion makers. Now that things have gone too far, a few are realizing the error of their ways.

And finally, a closing blast to race baiters everywhere, who purchase their race cards by the gross so they can play one any time the discussion goes against them.

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