Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Fifth Column

The "fifth column" is a term that comes from the Spanish Civil War. A general, approaching Madrid, said he had four columns of soldiers and a fifth column of support from the people in the city. I believe that, today, a fifth column of major proportions is being assembled by our enemies in the United States.

It is pretty widely known that Fundamental Islamic Jihadists are in Mexico and South America. They are working with the gangs and drug cartels. They are there to get "Latinized", so to speak. If they speak Spanish and have a native accent, they can come into the United States and pass as Latino.

These are not children. They are tough experienced veterans of the fighting in the Middle East. As they become Latinized, they head for our open southern border. A trek well within the capabilities of these desert born hard men. Once across the border, they disappear into society's bottom fringes. Most speak English, Spanish, and Arabic or some other Mideastern language. They are well equipped to hide in plain sight.

America is a polyglot country. People who live in the United States can live without fear if they speak with a foreign accent. Even if they don't speak English. We are a "live and let live" society. Those that would do us harm will use that against us. They move about freely.

As citizens and targets of these barbarians we must be aware that they are not at our gate. They are already living among us. Some of them are native born, speak perfect American English, have been through our school system, and hold American passports. Some have gone to fight and train in the Middle East. Some have never left the country.

One thing that they have done, is to organize terrorist training camps right here in the United States. I have seen a report of thirty-five such camps. There could be more. There could even be terrorist day camps operating in our largest cities in old warehouses. Terrorists would look just like work crews, coming to work in the morning and going home in the evening.

Money is not a problem for these jihadists. They are well funded from Mideast oil money. Primarily from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. So they wait and train in these remote camps waiting for the word to come. I suspect they would be willing to follow the first one that lights the fuse, be it Al Qaeda or ISIL.

What should worry us all, is that they appear to be operating under the federal government's line of sight. It appears that our President and AG either fear these terrorists or choose to look away because of their warm feelings for Islam. If either is true, they are creating a clear and present danger to the country.

This is an indefensible position. If this administration endangers the country and Congress refuses to step in, we must replace Congress in this Fall's election, with people with the spine and love of country to do what is right.

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