Monday, August 18, 2014

Two Is Enough

President Obama is scoring very badly in polls. His spin crew, when asked about this, justify it by saying, " Oh yes, but the approval rate for Congress is even lower." And that is correct. It is lower. It is probably justifiably lower. Although, I'd call it a tie if asked. They are both pathetic.

But, strangely enough, in spite of this, a large number of districts seem to be supporting their sitting candidates. I think this supports something that I have thought for some time now. While people hate Congress, they think "it is those fools from the other districts that are useless. My Congress person is doing just fine. But we need to replace all those others."

Let's face the truth. They are all pretty bad. They get power hungry, avaricious, and lazy. They forget about the people who sent them there because they allow themselves to be shielded from the voters. They come out of their Washington hidey-holes just before an election and pretend interest. Shake a few hands. Attend as many fund raisers as possible. Then when re-elected disappear back to Washington to hide among their fellow members of the political class.

There should not even be a political class. That was not the way our government was designed. We do not need and should not have rulers. We need citizen politicians that take on the responsibility for a short time then return home to their real lives.

To this end, we need to reexamine the idea of term limits. We, very wisely, did that to the office of President. Now it is time to take the next step. I think circumstances have proven this to be so.

The obvious next step would be the Senate. There are people who have served in the Senate, longer than most Americans have been alive. If they had grown in wisdom and understanding in that time, I would not need to write this article. But, then, I must, for they have not.

The term for a Senator is six years. Limit them to two terms. Twelve year is enough. The term for a Representative is two years. I think either four or five terms would be more than adequate. Washington needs a change in motivation and America needs a change from the power hungry.

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