Thursday, August 28, 2014

Killing Politics

It is a common saying, that "politics is hardball".  If that is the preferred comparison, Politics today is like a game between the Gotham Marauders and the Peaceful University's Sorority softball team.

The Democrats, of course, being the Marauders and the Republicans being the sorority sisters. The Democrats take politics and the acquisition of power very seriously. There is not much that they wouldn't do to win an election or do harm to the opposition. Their main idea is, just don't get caught. Rahm Emanuel said it best, "never waste a good crisis".

The Republicans, on the other hand, since the days of the Watergate break in, are scared silly that someone might think they were not just the nicest people ever. That thinking, if it can be called thinking, cost Mitt Romney his run for the Presidency. He was so afraid to go for the throat, he didn't go for anything. In the one debate that he won, he shocked himself into a state of mental paralysis. I cannot conceive of what his advisers were thinking. Were they convinced that if Romney tried too hard the Democrats would get angry.

Now let's look at how Democrats play. In Texas, a States Attorney for Travis County, imbibed far more heavily than is wise. She was apparently too drunk to walk so she, at three times the legal limit, decided to drive. Texas finest took umbrage at her car swerving all over the highway. So they did the right thing. She made a scene and a major fool of herself. Ended up in restraints with a spit shield over her face. I recommend the video. Google it. She ended up doing time. 

Under Texas law she is required to resign. She refused. Governor Rick Perry, a Republican candidate for President, took action to force her resignation which was legal and necessary.
She appointed a friendly special prosecutor, convened a grand jury, and got an indictment using the weakest of evidence. If Perry should be convicted, this decent man could face up to 94 years in prison. That is Democrat hardball.

Teddy Roosevelt said that the President has a "bully pulpit" from which he can reach out to the people. President Obama uses his early and often. So often that some peoples ears just flap down and plug up at the sound of his voice. This is imminently understandable. His constant use of the first person singular gets annoying.

But the second best political pulpit belongs to the Speaker of the House. Someone should probably explain that to John Boehner. He should be a loud and forceful voice, striving to balance the voice of the opposition. Half a dozen quietly restrained sentences spoken at conversational volume, just don't get the job done. 

Democrats take it too far. They have lost track of civilized limits. They ally themselves with people that don't have America's best interests at heart.  Republicans act as weak as the third cup of tea from the same teabag. Neither is good for the country at this time. The country is in danger. We need mature judgement and forceful action. It has been a long time since we have seen either.

Owl Butterfly

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