Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When Politicians Stray

We Americans tend to be overly tolerant of our politicians. We understand that they are avaricious, power hungry, and ego driven. We give them a lot of latitude because most of us have better and, frankly, more important things to do. In recent years they have out grown the license we have allowed them. Time to change things.

We have a President who thinks of himself as a combination king and messiah. He feels his lofty words will charm the snakes from the trees and cause despots to see the light. Therefore he speaks incessantly, waiting and expecting miraculous results. Meanwhile, the snakes still eat the birds and the despots snicker behind their hands.

Although, through his fine, Ivy League education, he is trained in the Constitution, he feels that it does not apply to him. He, with his pen and his phone, and the exigencies of his failing liberal agenda, not only can, but must do as he sees fit to fix this country and the world. Wow! There's an ego for you.

The majority leader of the Senate, the vague Mr. Harry Reid, has through a combination of manipulation of the Senate rules and a total disregard for Senate tradition, pretty much taken over complete control of the United States Congress. This is a situation never intended by our founding fathers and highly detrimental to the country. He has single-handedly taken, what used to be regarded as worlds greatest deliberative body and turned it into a roadblock to America's future.

For local color, we have the new incarnation of "the Mad Woman of Chaillot", District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg of Travis County, Texas. Who was arrested and jailed for drunk driving. While under arrest she was violent and had to be restrained. For these actions, she served jail time. Under Texas law, she could no longer serve as DA and should have resigned. She did not. To force her to do the right thing, Governor Perry, legally, vetoed funding for her unit. She, in retaliation, went before a Grand Jury and got an improper indictment against Perry. All in the name of power politics taken to an insane level.

I realize that my examples cited here are all Democrats. Sorry, but they are the most egregious. It is harder to find Republican examples because they don't seem to do much. Not much of anything, actually. 

Politics is like prize fighting. If you want to win, you have to fight. But keep it between the lines. There is plenty of room there to fight hard but clean. When you blur the lines and fight dirty, most Americans take offense, as the Democrats will find out soon.

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