Friday, August 15, 2014

An Army Of Psychopaths

I spend most of my day either reading news or working on my blog. In the evening I tend more toward entertainment shows on TV. One that I frequently watch is "Criminal Minds". It involves the crimes of serial killers and gets into the psychology of their actions as seen by FBI profilers. It is supposed to be fiction based on fact. I find the treatment of the psychological aspects interesting.

There is one group of serial killers that would overwhelm, not only the actors on the TV show, but the whole FBI. There is a group of serial killers loose that think nothing of mass beheadings. They triumph in burying people alive. Including children. There is no manner of slaughter that is too repugnant for these vicious animals. (I'm sorry. That was an insult to animals.)

This group teaches their own children to kill with impunity anyone who differs from them. In fact, their leader had his seven year old son hold up a severed head for the cameras and threatened the civilized world. His fathers reaction was a proud, "that's my boy".

There are two things that make this insane army special. The first is that they consider themselves the army of the new Muslim Caliphate. It is their intention to control the Mideast and, ultimately, the world. To do this they will slaughter any opposition. They have conquered huge swaths of territory, caring nothing for any borders they may cross. It all is absorbed into their Caliphate. They have captured heavy weapons, armored vehicles, and a lot of money. They will probably, ultimately own Iraq. 

The second thing that makes this army of psychopaths special is they do their evil in the name of Allah. That is Islam. That is what we have been told, time after time, is "a religion of peace". I have not seen much done in recent years that would convince me of the truth of that statement. But this army that calls itself ISIL take doubts about Islam to a whole new level.

If Islam is a religion of peace, why hasn't every Imam in America shunned and denied ISIL? I saw a TV interview with one Imam. When he was asked if ISIL was acting as terrorists, he stated, "I do not know ISIL". He gave the same answer when asked about Al Qaeda and Hamas. American Muslims need to take a public position. A real position, not a position based on taqiiya. They want our trust and to live in peace. Christians and Jews want the same. 

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