Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Joy Of Nap

I write about serious things for the most part. I enjoy writing about politics and economics and even a little bit of history at times. With all that seems to be going south in the world today, staying on top of these subjects can, sometimes, get a little wearing. So, once in a while I feel a need to lighten up. This is one of those times.

This is, in ways, a little bit of a confession. My wife is aware of this proclivity. I suppose my daughters are, too. The truth of it is I am a semi-secret napper. I say semi-secret because I frequently get caught reveling in my secret pastime.

I just love a good power nap. It has been my habit as far back as I can remember, that having finished lunch, I would find a comfortable seat, turn on a radio or TV, if available, close my eyes and drift off for fifteen or twenty minutes. Having an unusually clear conscience, I could always doze off in seconds. OK, minutes.

Speaking of being caught in my unannounced hobby, when I was on the road, having eaten my noon meal, I would find a spot, usually in a parking lot, where I had some shade. Minutes later I would be happily enjoying my nap. However, there were times where I would suddenly be brought back to consciousness by a policeman rapping on my window shouting, "are you all right sir?" Well I was until he showed up. The bad thing about a nap is, once interrupted, it's over.

I remember the glory days when I was in college. A bunch of us would be sitting around a dorm room schmoozing. Suddenly I would wake up and everybody would be gone. Now that's embarrassing.

I have had to pay a price for my hobby. Being late on occasion or missing a class that I really needed to be at, sometimes missing three or four innings of a Red Sox game. But, all in all, the trip has been worth the price. As a matter of fact my eyes are getting a little heavy .......................

Galway Bay, Ireland

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