Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why Obamacare?

With the holidays, I have been watching a little more TV. Mostly news channels. Frankly, mostly Fox News, because the allow both liberals and conservatives time to air their views. Now both political parties have their "political strategists", that go to the talk shows and do interviews. I really don't think most of them could strategize their trip out of their own driveway. 

But there are qualifications. They must be young. But not too young. They must be attractive. But not too attractive. They must speak well and clearly. They must dress nicely. But the main qualification is a good memory. They get daily talking points from their leadership. Then they are sent forth to discuss these points with any who would listen.

Understand, these people are true believers. If they were not, they could not say what they say, expecting to be believed. One of the more mature true believers, Barbara Walters, recently opined how they, meaning I suppose, the media, thought that Barack Obama was going to be the new messiah. I would think that at a certain age such hormonal reflux would be diminished. But then....

To the point. Lately the Democrat strategists have been happily pointing out that because of Obamacare, thousands of people with pre-existing medical conditions have been able to get health insurance. That is certainly true. They now have insurance and it is a good thing.

My question is, was it good and right to throw the whole health care system into chaos to insure these few? Couldn't the existing system be left in place and a plan to cover those that needed help tacked on? Maybe just wrap them into medicaid?

Of course it could have, if the main thrust of Obamacare were about health care. What it was about, was power, control, and subjugation. Your political masters no have complete control over another large chunk of the economy and they also have control over life and death decisions that effect you and your family. I hope you are feeling good about that. I'm not. 

Another problem is that young people are growing up into this. They are accepting these conditions as the norm. If you are less than thirty years old, the government has always had it's nose in your existence. If you are under fifty years old, you never knew real freedom. 

This year we have a chance to start turning things around. Please, know your candidates. Study the issues. Vote with your brain in gear. The future really does depend on it. 

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