Monday, January 27, 2014

The Dark Corners of Obscurity

Well look at who is crawling out of the deep dark hole that he had built for himself. Back onto the scene simply oozing of regret and apologia. Glen Beck is back. As always he is soft spoken and sincere. He was a rising star a few years back. His combination of politics and religiosity played well in some areas. So well that he felt he had out grown the network that gave him his fame.

So as any epic hero would, he struck off on his own. Microphone in hand he reverted to the power of the radio to spread his message of salvation through conservative politics. Like a revivalist in a roadside tent, he preached to the sinners and the converted. And, praise the Lord, he made a ton of money doing it.

But down and dirty, who listens to the radio any more? Long distance truckers and salesmen. That's who. Now any media success is about selling time and having the right audience. And if you don't build that audience every year, you are are a failure. So a fixed audience of truckers and salesmen are not the right demographic and hardly a growing audience.

Well, I guess old Glen decided it is time to backtrack. Get in front of a camera, look humble, and apologize for past and future sins and miscalculations.  OK, he does it well. He can fake sincerity as good as Bill Clinton. But Glen, you are so yesterday. Your time came and went and there you stand. I hope, for your sake, you socked a lot of that money away. I think your best paydays are over.

Be happy. You probably made more in a year than I did in my lifetime. So sit back and enjoy. Write a book on occasion. Maybe make a speech to conservative groups when asked. But the glory days are gone. Don't try to break loose with a huge comeback. The wind is against you.

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