Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The What of the Which?

As someone that blogs about politics, I should watch the "State of the Union" speech tonight. I do not intend to. One reason is that it will have nothing to do with the state of the Union. It will have everything to do with the state of Obama.

We all know of what the speech will consist. The word "I" and "me" will be used ad infinitum. There will be twenty to thirty lines to clue loyal Democrats to thunderous applause. There will be credit taken for the great improvement in the economy. (It hasn't improved at all. In fact it has gotten worse.) How the President has brought Iran to heel. (I don't think that this is really supposed to be a laugh line, but it should be.) How successful Obamacare has been. (No comment needed.) Truth be told, truth won't be told. But our President was never one to get distracted by mere facts.

Then we will get to the blame phase of the speech. Obama will admit that not every project that he has taken on has been completely successful. Blame will then be spread like peanut butter on a sandwich. Thick and smooth. Starting with George W. Bush and extending to every Republican that ever lived with special notice to Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News Network. Blame will be delivered in high dudgeon, nose pointed to the ceiling, and sincerity dripping from every word. (Standing ovation, please, Democrats.)

Now we get to the scary part of the program, the coming attractions. We will be told that there is "much left to be done". We will be warned that the "obstructionist Republicans in Congress" are evil and a stumbling block to progress. Therefore, with only three years left and his legacy crumbling around his ankles, there is only one logical thing to do. Now many would think that that solution could be to sit down with the Republicans to work out a common ground for the future. No, that is not our man Barack. He will announce that he is going around Congress in an extra Constitutional manner and expand his imperial presidency where no President of the United States has ever gone before. After all he has an obligation to defeat global warming and defeat the income inequality that he created. Hey, it worked for Hugo Chavez didn't it?

I have heard enough of our President's voice over the past five years. It no longer charms me. Lots of words, but saying little. Lots of promises but few positive results. Lots of middle class dreams crashed or put on hold. Lots of part time jobs. Lots of unemployment compensation. Lots of food stamps. Lots of rich people made richer. No, I don't need to watch another of his endless speeches.

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