Friday, January 24, 2014

Random Thoughts - Thirtyone

First they tried to lower the physical standard for Marines so women can be on the fighting front. Now they want to allow turbans and beards for soldiers. How over-the-top insane is that. This administration needs to get a grip. We need to go back to the old standards.

Now that my football season is over, I am breathing hard, waiting for baseball. About two weeks for the pitchers to show up at spring training. First sign of spring.

Speaking of spring, the next time someone makes a big deal about global warming I will have them deported to someplace that has hungry polar bears. I want my warming back. I think I may have the chilblains.  

My prediction for the week. Justin Bieber, fast car, big tree. End of story. 

So the managing editor of the New York Times claims that this is the least transparent administration in her career. So where has she been for the past five years, and why did they do so much cover up. Ben Rosenthal must be spinning in his grave.

The stock market has been sinking like a rock the past few days. If this is the big one, my readers can't say they weren't warned.

The only thing that I can say about the Super Bowl is that I wish both teams would lose.

Maybe if Justin Bieber had been in Benghazi the main stream media would have covered it instead of reprinting White House talking points.

The State of the Union message is coming up. I am sure our President has a list of people to blame. I am equally sure that his own name is not on that list.

One of Obama's big topics I understand will be income inequality. I just wish he could understand that his job destroying policies along side propping up the stock market has created this huge discrepancy. But I am sure he will blame Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Commonly known as "the usual subjects".

I'm cold, and I'm very tired of Winter.

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