Monday, January 20, 2014

Benghazi Once Again

I have been reprinting my original Benghazi article, as promised, about once a month since I wrote the original piece. Enough has been revealed, at this point, that what I was asking then has become old news. So I am done with that. I am not done with Benghazi. There is still much that the American people deserve to know and we are not being told.

One thing is immediately apparent. Hillary Clinton not only didn't answer that three am phone call, she didn't answer her weeks old mail either. And she is dodging this whole situation slicker than a bullfighter playing with a bull. And bull is pretty much what we are getting as far as honest information goes. The Secretary of State bears the ultimate responsibility for the security of embassies and missions around the world. They were warned through incoming intelligence. They did not act. They sent Ambassador Stevens into a free fire zone with inadequate personal security. They cost American lives and allowed American property to be attacked and destroyed. Yes, dammit, contrary to Ms. Clinton's opinion,it does matter!

And, of course, our President, as usual, was the invisible man. I think we can be pretty sure that he was out politicking and keeping his head under a pillow so he didn't have to face that monster of responsibility. So far we have a perfect record of two for two bailing out on that three o'clock phone call thing.

It is obvious to the casual observer that none of those bearing responsibility were either Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or what ever their preference. They definitely did not adhere to the motto of "Be Prepared". Coming up on 9/11 in one of the most dangerous areas on the globe, they did nothing to increase our ability to respond to trouble. More politics, perhaps.

As they say in Alaska, "you betcha". Of course it was politics. With this administration, all is politics. The premise was that Bin Laden was dead and Al Qaeda was finished. That was Obama's heroic myth. For his own benefit he had to preserve that story coming into the election. Good men died because of that. It was acknowledged, even then, that Al Qaeda wasn't just a few people living in caves in Tora Bora. Al Qaeda had become a world wide terror franchise. Yeman, Iraq, the Islamic Maghreb, they were back, and they were back in greater numbers than ever.

So as you can see, there is still a story to be told. My weak small voice will continue to ask the important questions. There are others, like me, that are more widely heard. I wish, what has become known as "the main stream media", would return to honest reporting of issues. But I really don't expect that to happen anytime soon. We are making some small progress. If we stay focused an carry on, maybe one day.......


  1. I have started to read your blog for a couple weeks now (it appears I am reading someone of identical beliefs!!). I mentioned the "3 am call" thing on other websites in the past month or so (Newsmax stuff mainly) along with former NSA Susan Rice mentioning Hitlery was too "busy" at the time to get involved. With Rice as her friend, who needs enemies?? If Hitlery runs, expect this to be a campaign issue. I am glad that this "3 am call" is picking up steam, you, I wish the MSM would get more "newsworthy" and the RINO's would grow a pair.

    --- "Doc"

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Come back often, I usually produce 5 or 6 blogs on a good week. By the way, I refer to rinos as night crawlers. They have no spine and are suitable only for fish bait.

    1. and they smell, too...

      By the way, I have a friend who is a strict Democrat, who lives up the street from me in Preston, CT. He runs a daily blog as yourself:

      sort of an irreverent look at life....a funny guy...used to be a RI disc jockey (Davy Jones, you may know of him)....he and I go at it all the time, sort of like Hannity and Colmes on Fox.