Thursday, January 23, 2014

Give Opportunity A Chance!

Our progressive President loves the news. It give him cover for all of his scandals, missed opportunities, and oratorical bloopers. The news also loudly praises anything that can be construed as positive in his message. And as a progressive, the message is what is truly important. As long as you say the right, make that left thing, and make sweeping promises, you have single handedly brought good into the world. Actions mean nothing. Words, everything. And we all know that our President is never without words.

Now the President will tell you that the unemployment rate is going down and we are in a jobs recovery. Like so many of his words, that is only technically true. Which makes it actually false. About thirty percent of our adult population is not working. That is a greater percentage than any time since Jimmy Carter was President. Younger people today do not know how miserable that period was.

Our President claims that he has been working tirelessly on the job situation. Unfortunately his efforts have only made things worse. But rather than do something that will actually help the jobs situation he is now going to focus on "income inequality". You know from the start that this is not going to end well if he does any more than speechify on the subject. This is especially true since income inequality has gotten far more pronounced since he entered the White House.

Since the first day that money was invented as a medium of exchange, there has been income inequality. Some people work harder. Some people are smarter. Some people are more talented. Some people just have a better line of bull. They become politicians. So in spite of our Presidents best, none existent, efforts that will not change.

This will come as a surprise to our President, but Americans don't want the government to force equal outcome. Neither do the President's very rich friends. All Americans want is an equal opportunity to make it on their own without a government that picks their pocket and stacks regulation after regulation in their path. I know that hard work and sacrifice on the road to success is alien to the presidential experience, but that is what good Americans want the opportunity to do. As a group, we are a clever and hard working people. All we either want or need is personal freedom in a free marketplace. We can handle the rest, thank you very much.  

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