Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Population Control - New York Style

I expect that, within days, the population of New York State will be cut dramatically. Andrew Cuomo, New York's governor has made it clear, in his usual unpleasant fashion, that those disagreeing with his far left agenda have no right to live in his state. So if you take a moral position on abortion or gay marriage. If you enjoy shooting sports or want a firearm to protect your home. Get out of New York. Just get out now. Good (ie. liberal) New Yorkers will have no truck with your conservative abuse of the Bill of Rights.

Now I am sure that many of you out there in "fly over country" think that the framers wrote the Bill of Rights to protect your freedom of speech and religion. You may also think that they wanted to protect your right to "keep and bear arms". That is just conservative silliness. The liberal elites, such as Governor Cuomo, know that the Bill of Rights is there to protect the "good" speech that is the core of liberal thought. And also to protect weapon ownership only of those of which liberals approve. Like their own bodyguards. The rest of you, just take a hike.

So, I suspect, within days there will be a glut of houses hitting the market and moving vans rolling down almost every street in the state. Manhattan, maybe not so much. Family after family will be leaving New York and rolling into such wild places as Wyoming, Texas, and Montana where conservative thought is found more acceptable.

That will, however, leave a void that the elite intelligentsia of New York will have to fill. You see, elites don't like to get their hands dirty. They are not cops, or carpenters, or butchers. People that do real work where they get dirty and sweaty tend to be conservative. They also tend to be tolerant and sharing. Two traits that the liberal elites would be wise to emulate.

Governor, I know that you have a very high opinion of yourself and that little group of people that you surround yourself with. But I suggest to you that just because you have a thought in your head, that doesn't make it a great thought. As a matter of fact, this recent diatribe of yours shows me exactly how small your thoughts can really be.


  1. want more housing glut? wait until the seniors, or those who are disabled , have to sell their house because they can't afford Obamacare, and for medical events or its IPAB board determining their Medicare expenses...I always think long term, I was taught that in college as a land use planner.

    I figure the economy will take another hit from 2016 to 2020 due to a hosuing glut nationwide. I also figure that we will eventually hit a single-payer system in two years, with government trying to totally control our healthcare because Obamacare failed.

  2. The other thing is that the people Cuomo is disparaging make up a large portion of the tax paying producers in NY State (or any other state for that matter). It will be interesting to see how he thinks he is going to fund his socialist utopia with only net takers left in the state.