Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let The Lynching Begin

I really don't care if it is a lynching or a firing squad. Maybe we can still find a guillotine in good condition. But, obviously, Chris Christie has to be headed for one or the other. After all, there was a traffic jam on the George Washington bridge while he was governor of New Jersey.

I have not had time to do the research, I want to be one of the first out there with condemnation, but this might be the first ever traffic jam on that bridge. I'll Google that later and do some fact checking. Not that facts are important. After all Christie is a Republican governor in a blue state. That is all anyone needs to know.

OK, so he came out and took responsibility. OK, so he fired the people that were actually in on the dirty deed. OK, so he apologized. That doesn't mean that it is not time to pile on. He is a Republican for God's sake. It is the presses duty to pile on. There must be something else out there. It must be found!

I am sure those two strong advocates for others telling the truth, Barack and Hillary, would never be part of creating a traffic jam. There was Benghazi, but we are talking the George Washington bridge here. And the IRS scandal. But that traffic was headed into New York City. What greater crime could there be? I mean, "Fast and Furious" was nothing by comparison.

So I suggest, nay, I insist, that all you impartial purveyors of news and innuendo get out there and do your duty. Bury this possible usurper of the road to the White House. You sold us Barack, and it is obvious you are all aquiver over Hillary, so you know what you must do. This man must be "Borked" before he gets any farther. There is nothing so beloved as a good public lynching by the press. 

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