Thursday, January 9, 2014

Corruption As A Way Of Life

I think that most people will agree that almost all of Washington is corrupt. Those that aren't corrupt are too weak, spineless, and greedy to admit to the corruption, never mind stand up to it.

I can understand how it got this way. There has always been a corrupt base but the self interest was hidden behind a facade of "making the system work". The two parties were capable of meeting in the center to make the country, at least, appear to run. But times change.

The Democrat party went from a left of center liberal group to a hard left progressive organization that became very ideological. A large part of the Republican party took an ideological hard right turn. The two groups grew to detest each other and could barely even speak civilly in polite company.

If someone came along that was a reasonable and honest broker either for an appointment or as a candidate, he was subject to devastating ad hominum attacks. Every minute of his life would be examined by private detectives and the least little sin was made satanic by a willing press. Good men, smart men, have better things to do than subject their lives and their families to this.

The administration that is presently running this country has brought corruption to an unprecedented level. We have all been disturbed by the unlawful actions committed by people in the IRS. Certainly the tax laws have been used as a political tool before. But the scope of what they have been doing and, apparently, continue to do, is beyond anything we have seen.

We have been promised, by the President, a thorough and unbiased investigation. Then we find out in this mornings news that the secret investigator is Barbara Bosserman. She is an attorney in the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. She was appointed by AG Holder and is a contributor to Barack Obama and the DNC. Right, no conflict of interest there.

Just add this to the list of weekly scandals that we have been treated to. People, this type of thinking and behavior has got to stop soon or we will have no country left worth living in. With every day, with every new regulation, with every new government intrusion into our lives, we are becoming a subjugated society. We cannot let this become the new normal. I remember freedom and I remember our military giving their lives to keep it. Do not give it away to cheap politicians.

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