Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don't Build No Ladder

In his unsurprisingly weak State of the Union address, our, oh so articulate, President said he wanted to build ladders for success for the middle class that he has been destroying for five years. You know he has no intention of building anything. In Obama World, the words are sufficient to the deed. If things go better than planned, someone will hear his words and build this nebulous ladder for him. But, be assured, it will not be Barack Obama.

For one thing, he hasn't the skills to build anything. I doubt that he has ever picked up a hand tool or created a detailed plan of action in his life. Barack Obama is a man of words and words and words.......

Words are both his tools and his medium. Everything that he creates is built of words. The problem being that the source of information helping him craft these words is his own mind. He thinks it therefore it is. (With apologies to Descartes.) But you can't build a ladder from words. Words lack substance. They mean nothing without action.

The good news is, there is no need for Obama to build ladders. There are plenty of people out there ready, willing, and able to do that. And when these ladders are built, you can go into Lowe's, Home Depot, local hardware stores, and many chain stores and buy them. Then if you are so inclined and have the skill set, you can take these ladders and go to work. Perhaps you can build or remodel houses.

Of course that would require the purchase of materials. It would require that these materials be manufactured and shipped. It would require that someone have the need and the capital to pay for the project. 

All of these things and more could happen if the government would take their oversized foot off of the American economy and let the free market reign.

That, Mr. President is how you build ladders. Government is not the cure it is the disease. And, frankly, you have been the political equivalent of typhoid Mary. Allow the Keystone XL pipeline. Rescind your over regulation. Allow us to become energy independent. Bring America back to sanity. That would be a ladder.

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