Saturday, January 18, 2014

Standards, Practices, and Motivations of a Cranky Conservative

I was sitting here in my hidey-hole slash office slash man cave thinking about the whys and wherefores of what I do. I thought it might make a blog of some small interest, So here goes. 

I have been interested in the news and politics back to my childhood. I suppose, being a child of WWII, that might be expected. In that era most boys were interested in the war, and playing soldiers was an every day activity. The Presidential election of 1948 is what really got my juices flowing. I remember as a six year old explaining the ins and outs of the political conventions to my mother. Yes, I did listen to them on the radio and yes, I was already a conservative in nature if not in declaration..

By the election of 1952, I was in Junior High School and lived in a suburb of Providence RI. After school I would hop on a bus. I was pretty much on my own in those days. I would head into Providence to the Eisenhower campaign headquarters to get buttons and literature. Ike was a hero and I wore his campaign pins proudly.

Next on the horizon was the McCarthy hearings. When I could get to a TV and they were on, I was watching. By this time, at fifteen, I considered myself a Republican.

Two things happened when I went to college. I learned about the Constitution in political science and I learned that I loved to write in English. I never felt that I had enough talent as a writer to make a living from it so I moved on to areas where I felt I could support my family. As I am now retired, I can write without the need to be successful financially. Freedom!

Along the way, I realized that the Republican party and I had gone our separate ways. I registered as an independent around the turn of the century and, now, bill myself as a Constitutional conservative.

And, no I didn't vote for Obama. And, no, it was not because of the color of his skin. It was because he wanted to "fundamentally transform" my country. That would be like transforming strawberry shortcake or baked stuffed lobster. You might be able to do it, but why would you want to? 

So why do I write a blog? Multiple reasons.  But the main reason is that I have a low tolerance for irritation. And there is just so much in the news that is irritating. So I can vent my spleen and comment freely. I am my own research department and editor. What I say is one hundred percent me. I can take on any person or any policy. I have only myself to satisfy up to that point when I push that button marked "Publish".

I do, however, have standards. I do try to be reasonably polite. There are times when this is difficult as I have strong feelings. I will never be rude or crude. I will keep my language at a level that the youngest of my grandchildren could read it without there mothers being offended.

If I read an article that you have written, I will quote you with citation. If you write an article from which I learn or find entertaining, I will recommend it and tell where it might be found. If you write something that I disagree with, you will not be named. I argue against ideas not people. I will give a synopsis of your thoughts and my rebuttal. 

I try to be honest and fair. I try to get facts right. I try to entertain as well as present an idea or six. Since I will get to 30,000 hits in less than two years of publishing my blog with hits from 87 countries, I am happy with my level of success. I started from zero with no name recognition. To have come this far in this time is heartening. Thank you. 

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