Friday, January 3, 2014

Less Than Cheerful

I am sitting here partially snowed in. We actually got less than the dire warnings of doom predicted. The temperature outside is 4 degrees. It seldom gets below 20 here. I'm sitting here rooting for a non-existent global warming and watching out for approaching glaciers. I mean, if global warming scientists get themselves thoroughly frozen in, in Antarctica, how am I supposed to get it right in Rhode Island. So, as expected, my attitude is not good.

So let's hit a couple of other things that are bugging me. Liberals, progressives, what ever identity they are hiding behind this week are nasty, mean, vicious people. Their ad hominum attacks are cruel and uncivilized. They can be downright hateful. They were wishing Barbara Bush would die when it was announced that she was ill. They spout racism as if it were just polite social intercourse. Then they accuse anyone that doesn't agree with them of being racist. They consider themselves the educated elite but are terminally unpleasant.

The next group of tragically annoying people are those on the TV talk shows explaining how beautifully Obamacare is working. Well, people have started using it. I should say, trying to use it. They go into hospitals for treatment and get sent home untreated because the hospitals cannot find records of their coverage. People with bronze plans, designed for those that can least afford health insurance, find that the out of pocket costs are huge because of the high deductible. They are walking out untreated because they have no money but were forced by the government to buy a policy that is virtually useless to them. This is not going well at all, and it is not just the website.

One last annoyance. The education system in the United States is falling apart. To listen to the President tell the story he wants every child to have the greatest education that is possible. As usual with him, big words, small actions. So he is, all of a sudden, big on preschool. That will not improve overall education one iota. Why not support magnet schools and school choice. Give kids, especially poor kids, a chance. Not going to happen. The teachers union is against it so Obama's against it. Then there is college. The rich can pay out of pocket and feel nothing. The poor take out loans. Horrendously big loans, because college is now big business. Your government now owns those big loans that the poorest need. And that is a profit center for them. That interest that is charged goes right into the general fund giving the pols more of the neediest peoples money to spend.

OK, call me a misanthrope. Today, the name fits.  

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