Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Iceman Cometh From The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs

I combined the titles from these two plays, one by Eugene O'Neill and one by William Inge, because both titles are so very foreboding. I felt if I doubled down and combined them it would accentuate the bleakness that I wanted to impart. That is because I see a very bleak time coming. Those that visit my blog often will realize that I have traveled this road before. It is a lonely road, and while I am not out here alone, we  that are out here are few.

While the Democrat politicians assure us that the economy is out of the woods and coming back, albeit slowly, and the Republican politicians throw out a scattering of words of concern, to show they are not the evil incarnate that the Democrats would make them out to be, it is little but spun sugar to calm the masses.

The economist that I see and read are mostly talking on a cautiously positive note. Even the few that I respect are holding back. The market has seen some downside adjustment lately. As I write this on Monday, it is in a holding position after a 4.5 % move downward over five days without any talk of tapering. The Fed has assured all with investments in the stock market that there is no change planned in "Quantitative Easing". We will see how the State of the Union speech goes over financially and what ripples out from that.

The point is, if not now, when? The real economy is dragging an anchor while the stock market is floating on a big balloon. Now you might think that that is contradictory. Well you would be right. In a laissez faire marketplace it wouldn't happen. This can happen only through a combination of harmful economic policies and market manipulation.

Those of you that don't get it yet, reread the last two paragraphs and think about Obama's economic policies and the actions of the Fed. I hope a light just went on. You will recall, that Mr. Bernanke got out of town before the Bernanke Bubble burst. He is a smart man. He understands that he did what he had to do to protect his President. Would that he had done more to protect America.

It is now Wednesday and I am finishing this blog. At this point in time, the market has dropped another 140 points. Mr. Obama's speech was a rehash of worn promises and a justification for reckless action. In spite of Ms. Pelosi's remarks, he has never tried to work with the opposition. Recall, one of the first things he said to Republicans as President was "I won. You lost. Get used to it". He doesn't even work well with fellow Democrats, only his inner circle. I do not see this improving.

I see no upside here. With no upside, it is a long downhill slope for the next three years. Then in 2016 this country will face the most critical election in the country's history. I hope and pray that the party politicians on both sides come to their senses and do what is right for America. I don't expect it to happen, I just pray for it to happen. 

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