Friday, January 17, 2014

War. What War?

We are at war. I don't mean Afghanistan. But that is part of it. I don't mean Pakistan. But that is also part of it. We are at war with disparate people that hate us and would do us harm. Just about every nation in the middle east contains some of these people. Some live in China. Most of North Korea is our sworn enemy. Mostly because they are told to by a fat little despot named Kim. Unhappily, some even live in the United States.

Our country's administration seems to feel if the war isn't run out of a cave in Tora Bora by someone beholden to Osama Bin Laden, it isn't a war. Wrong headed thinking seems to be the style of the day in Washington. A great speech on the world stage along with a serious visit by an unsmiling man offering money, is not going to solve any problems. For the past twelve years or more, we have not been fighting governments. We have been fighting bitterness, jealousy, and a desire by people with no other connection than hating the United States, to destroy us.

Those that are tasked with protecting this country and it's Constitution must put on their big boy pants, examine their loyalty to America first and foremost, and do the job they campaigned to take on.

If we are attacked, we must instantly attack back, in the most devastating manner possible. No more red lines. No democracy building. No boots on the ground to help rebuild devastation. Just payback in kind and doubled down.

We were just attacked. It wasn't a bomb. It was a cyber attack. The battlefield was Target Store's computers, as well as other retailers. It was a devastating attack. And how did we answer? We didn't. We heard about better armor and a deeper moat to guard the castle. We heard nothing about a troop of anointed knights tracking down the varlets and doing them dirtier than they did us. 

There has been a great deal made on the news lately about the NSA and their capabilities. I am sure that what they are capable of is far more than what they will admit to. When we are cyber attacked the NSA should retaliate in a way that will make our enemies respect us once again.

If someone or someones blow up a bomb, the sponsoring nation should lose a major building in their nations capitol. If Americans are kidnapped or a ship hijacked, track down the guilty parties and end their ability to do harm to anyone. 

Show the world that we are no longer a paper tiger. Show the world, once again, that we are an enemy to be feared and respected but that we  can also be a friend to be held close.

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  1. "We are at war with a disparate people that hate us and would do us harm "

    I originally assumed you meant the Obama administration.