Friday, January 10, 2014

Really, I'm Not A Scientist!

I admit it, I am not a scientist. This may come as a shock to Al Gore but he is not a scientist either. Barack Obama is not a scientist. I am not sure what he is but most certainly not a scientist. In fact, none of the politicians trying to sell the scam of global warming are scientists.

I do, however, read my native tongue fairly well. Anyone that takes the time and trouble to do some reading will learn a few facts about this phenomenon. Politicians seldom learn facts because we pay aides to do their reading for them. 

The whole theory of global warming was not based on long term facts but was based on a computer model extrapolating future climate behavior. In other words, some college professor wrote a software program designed to produce the results he needed to get a grant to study the results of his computer program. Just for insurance, he threw in a "hockey stick" curve of temperature increase. It seems that half the academic world was looking for grant money and glommed on to global warming for years of easy living.

There have been a few unfortunate circumstances and a couple of questions along the way. First of all, the computer model did not match with reality. So I would suggest reality outweighs a half-baked piece of unproven software. The second thing that went wrong was that it stopped getting warmer. And I am sure that Barack Obama will tell you that the oceans stopped rising because he was elected as he promised us they would. But like so many of his promises, that sack is empty. I have spent most of my life living in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. I will attest that both the high and low water lines are about the same as sixty years ago.

Back in the days when our planet had a nice new atmosphere, it was hot and there was little oxygen in the air. Single cell life was just beginning to form in the primordial ooze. Since then the Earth has cooled and warmed and cooled again. Multiple times. Glaciers have grown and pushed down from the north to deposit granite and dig out the great lakes. The climate has never been stable.

Professors and politicians realized that they had backed themselves into a corner and started to call it climate change. That is accurate but man has little to do with it. When the temperatures were going up, sunspots were very active. During this period temperatures on Mars went up almost exactly proportional to changes in Earth's temperature. I don't think they have a CO2 problem, since they have no CO2. No cows farting. No gas gulping SUVs. No atmosphere at all. But the planet did get warmer.

When sunspot activity abated, guess what, the planets, both Earth and Mars, cooled. Now many real climate scientists are discussing global cooling and Al Gore's book is selling at give away prices. People are buying it because it is cheaper than kindling.

There are always people out there looking to get your money into their pockets. There are always politicians out there willing to help. For a piece of the action, of course. Don't be to quick to buy what these people are selling. They are selling fantasy for fun and profit


  1. It is well that you prefaced your remarks with "I am not a scientist."

    Mars does have an atmosphere (albeit, rather thin). It is 96% CO2. The polar caps are mostly dry ice (frozen CO2).

    I pretty much agree with the rest of your post.

    1. OK, you got me. In less than two years I have cranked out 341 blogs. This is only the second time anybody has caught me in an error of fact. Not too shabby I think.