Monday, January 5, 2015

Quick Pick

It seems that Jeb Bush is ramping up his program for the 2016 Presidential election. He is making an early try to extend the Bush dynasty. I think Jeb is a good man. But I wish he would not run for President. He is the epitome of the old Republican party. White, male, rich brahmins. That is the exact reason that I left the Republican party years ago. They tend to want thins orderly and genteel. But politics is war. I will admit that I generally support them with my vote because they are usually the most conservative game in town.

Times have changed. Republicans must change, too. If they do not the country will get a Hillary or, worse yet, an Elizabeth for President. If that happens after eight years of Barack, I'm not sure the Republic can survive.

So I have decided to come out with my picks early on just to present a different point of view. My selection for a Presidential candidate is John Kasich, for many reasons. At 62 he is young enough for the job and old enough to deal with people and situations in a mature manner. Having grown up in suburban western Pennsylvania, he is a heartland American with conservative roots.

Kasich has a grasp of finances and economics, having spent time in the financial sector of the business world before he got into politics. He spent three years in the Ohio State Senate and eighteen year in the United States Senate from Ohio. So he knows Washington and how Congress works. He has been the very successful Governor of Ohio since 2001. He has management skills. He knows how to get a consensus.

Kasich looks Presidential and is well spoken. He has a reputation for fairness and honesty. He treats political office as a responsibility and not as a source of privilege. So, I am proud to support John Kasich for President.

Marco Rubio has impressed me. He is my candidate for Vice President. Three things come to mind that suggest, to me, that he run for V.P. He is smart, (a JD from Miami U.) he is young, and he is Hispanic. I know that he would like to run for President, but the experience from a couple of terms in the second seat would serve him well for a run later. 

Lacking management experience is a pure handicap for any one trying to run a country, but I feel that Sen. Rubio is of Presidential quality and will be ready in time. A stint as V.P. will also allow him time to build a Presidential quality support structure.

The country has been put in peril in many ways. The next election is no time to experiment. We need solid candidates whose agenda is the restoration of the Republic. These two men would make a formidable team with the ability to take on the task.

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