Thursday, January 8, 2015

Repeal "Freedom Of The Press"

Can a conservative blogger really want to repeal "Freedom of the Press"? Of course not! That was just the red cape in front of the bull. And that is why I used that title. We are getting too much bull. 

Most of the press has abrogated it's responsibility. They treat President Obama as if he were a misunderstood holy man. Gandhi, he is not. But the lives of the college educated press adhere to the liberal faith. To them, any liberal policy is a good policy. Ideas are equal to actions. Failure is acceptable. It is the attempt that counts. Government is good. Big government is better. 

Liberals are smart. Conservatives are dumb. Liberalism is love. Conservatism is hate. Up is down and black is white. And have another bite of that mushroom Alice.

This meme pervades the press. They believe. They are indoctrinated. When a liberal press office gives them propaganda and bill it as news, the press accepts it as gospel. That is not reporting. That is kow-towing. 

Anything from a conservative source, though, needs to be poured over until a misspelled word becomes a major policy error.  Sometimes I think it was better before journalism schools got first shot at molding these soft and pliable young brains. What the press needs is more effective BS filters and the elimination of "politically correct" filters.

It is not just the fault of those that, nowadays, sit at desks taking phone calls and e-mails, accepting those as the basis for their profundity. The editors that don't kick their butts out the door, telling them to use some shoe leather and find something hot, bear even greater responsibility. They used to be the adults in the room that made the young ones work for their pittance. Now it's just one big happy club.

No, you don't have to take away the freedom of the press. It has fallen into disuse anyway. Nobody cares any more. The press has become the rewrite desk for the favored politicos. No strain. No pain. But I can remember a time when, if a reporter didn't cause a couple of pols a week to turn red in anger or embarrassment, that reporter wasn't doing his job.

Portland Head Light - Maine

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