Friday, January 30, 2015

Are You As Smart As A White House Guy?

Barack Obama, being the smartest person in the world, only hires the best and the brightest to work for him. Of course, since he is smarter than any of them, he never listens to anything they have to say. But that does not mean that their time and salary are wasted. Mr. Obama sends them out to talk to us.

Each and every one of them is way smarter than any of us are. I can tell that because when I see them give an answer to a question or an explanation of policy on TV, everyone in the audience looks befuddled and confused. The administrations answers and declarations make perfect sense. Just not to us because we are not smart enough.

Let me give an example. Just recently there has been a great deal of discussion about the difference between releasing five vicious terrorists for the return of Bo Bergdahl and the proposed release of one insane woman suicide bomber for a Jordanian pilot. According to the White House, Bergdahl good, Jordanian pilot bad.

Why, you may ask? Well, it seems that since ISIS holds the pilot, and they are terrorists, the trade would be grievously wrong. But since the Taliban are not terrorists, Bergdahl was just a prisoner swap at the end of a war. See, you all thought the Taliban were terrorists. Taliban in Pashtu, their native language, means students. Those poor students can't be terrorists. They are just trying to get an education. And kill people and other bad stuff like tearing down historical artifacts. 

Those that run our government and would run our lives see these nuances very clearly. The rest of us despise them because they are evil stinking terrorists. But to the White House they are so much more. They are students of Islam. The religion of peace. Don't let the details, like killing little girls just because they are trying to get an education, cloud your thinking.  

This is just one example. I am sure that any time you hear someone that is part of the administration speak, you scratch your head and profoundly say, "huh? That makes no sense". And I am also sure that when the President speaks, you are left in a total quandry. 

I just wish that the rest of us were smart enough to get it. I guess you have to be at the intelligence level of Sheila Jackson Lee or Elijah Cummings to gain that complete understanding.

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