Thursday, January 22, 2015

Control Those Impulses

Some people have poor impulse control. Believe me, I know. There was that shiny new red Thunderbird..... Never mind. You get the idea. Some types of stores I would have been better avoiding in my life. Auto dealerships, gun shops, those hardware stores that had great displays of power tools. 

The latest display of lost and forgotten impulse control is the childish and overwhelming success of Twitter. Why anyone beyond the age of fifteen would sign up for a twitter account is beyond me. Why any adult male is not humiliated to admit to Tweeting amazes me. That's as embarrassing as a grown man having a wax job. 

But the walking egos of the world are out there tweeting there life away to an adoring bunch of public idiocy. "Just belched that meat ball sandwich I got at Cranky's. Even good the second time around!!!" All of a sudden Cranky's Sand Witch Shoppe has more business than they can handle. Depending who is doing the tweeting of course.

But if you are Michael Moore or some dude named Rogan, who is apparently famous for some unknown reason, you might want to grab hold of that impulse control lever before you start trashing true American heroes. That may go a long way among their elitist snob friends but out in the hinterlands where real Americans live it's about as popular as pate' at a barbecue. 

I have even heard rumors that some people set up hordes of fake followers so they will appear well loved and important. I have heard that is a popular thing among a bunch of people that live in a town on the banks of the Potomac River. That I have no trouble believing.

Public attention is something some people crave. Fine, if that is what you want. But just remember, when you go out and do or say something incredibly stupid, and you will, that public spotlight will shine twice as bright as it does when you burp on a meatball. 

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